The All-In-One Solution to Scale Your Lead Gen Business

Create clickfunnels, organize your generated leads and sell them automated to perfectly fitting clients in order to increase your revenue!

Generate Leads
The Way You Want

Create highly converting click funnels in no time and embed them on a landing page or website to win more leads. With our Lead Hero API you can also push leads from other lead sources into the software to start selling them on autopilot to your clients.

Organize, Edit And Nurture Your Leads

In order to process a large number of leads, good organization is important. Therefore, Lead Hero offers both, a clear structure of your leads and a detailed view of each individual data-set. In this, lead data can be edited and enriched before selling them to clients.

Algorithm Based Matching With Suitable Customers

To successfully sell leads, it is important to match the leads to right fitting companies. To ensure this, Lead Hero supports you with an intelligent matching algorithm. This way leads are only offered and sold to companies that can solve the problem of the lead.

Sell Your Leads Individually on a "Pay Per Lead Base"

After the algorithm has assigned suitable companies for a lead, this lead can be offered to several companies for purchase - anonymously - by email, SMS and/or WhatsApp. The companies then have the opportunity to buy the contact details with just one click in order to contact the lead and make this person a client. In this you can choose how many companies can purchase the lead after it's sold out.

Invoice For Sales With Our Billing Automation

At the end of each month (or at any time you want) Lead Hero creates and sends all invoices for the orders created up to that point by email. So you can sit back, relax and see how the money enterers your bank account.

More Features...

Performance Dashboard

Have all your KPIs at one glance in order to see how your business goes.

Automated Lead Statuses

In order to know which leads have been sold and which still might need attention.

Automated Emails

Good communication is key, but difficult when handling a big amount of leads.

Detailed Statistics and Analytics

Analyse your results by different metrics in order to improve your biz constantly.

Client Feedback System

To be sure everything is in place for happy and long lasting clients.

Team/Role System

Collaborate with your business partners and/or hire a team to outsource tasks.

Pricing Options

Choose your own pricing: Price per contact or commission - or both.

Alert System

We point out tasks you could/should do for better performance.

Much more...

We constantly develop more features - register now to see whats new...

The Lead Hero Setup Process

1. Choose Your Industry

Analyze and choose an industry. Best case is, if you have already generated leads in the niche.

2. Generate Leads

Start building a landing page and/or setup your marketing channels to generate leads.

3. Win Business Clients

Win businesses to whom you want to sell your leads to. Start in a small area & expand from there.

4. Sell Your Leads

When start selling the leads, finetune the process and then scale your business.

Lead Hero Integrates With Your Favorite Tools

We know that everyone has their own favorite tools for generating leads. So in order to make your life as easy as possible, you can connect different softwares to Lead Hero. You generate leads with,, No problem. Just push your generated leads in Lead Hero to start organizing, editing, qualifying and selling the leads on autopilot.