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Are you a lead generation agency and want to take it to the next level? Lead Hero provides you with an innovative software to market a whole industry instead of just a couple of clients - same workload, more income!


The Lead Hero Software

Doing Lead Generation for different clients is a lot of work, because every time you have to set up a new campaign. So what about addressing a whole industry with 200+ clients with the same amount of work?

Lead Hero provides you with everything you need to scale your lead generation business!

High Converting Landingpage

Performance Dashboard

Matching Algorithm

Automated Emailing

Automated Billing


So much more


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 The Lead Hero Software is built for agencies and entrepreneurs to bring their lead gen business to the next level. You are one of those? Lets talk!

Are you a company looking for more leads? Let us know in which industry you are working. We are always looking for new areas to help!


It sounded to good to be true - but now Lead Hero changed our business dramatically! 

Mike Klostermann

CEO of Favineo

Lead Hero Projects is platform to match house owners to water proofing companies. In just 4 months of business was the leading plattform in Germany.


Your Platform?

Are you supporting clients in lead generation already or have an idea of an industry in which a matching platform is needed? Lets talk, we are happy to support your business!


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