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The Lead Hero software gives you all you need to win and sell leads to hundreds of clients, instead just to a few - less work, more income.

Lead Hero takes your Lead Generation Business to the next level!


Win & organize lead

Double your conversion rate with the Lead Hero click funnels - more leads, less ad spend.


Match & sell leads

Algorithm based matching and selling of leads to perfect fitting companies.


Less work, more profit

Due to full software automation earn up to 100.000€ per months in just one industry.

Lead Hero Agentur

The All-In-One Software for Your Lead Generation Business

Generate, organize, match, send, sell & invoice hundreds of leads for many different clients - fully automated - from one platform.

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Fully automated: So you can focus on what you can do best.
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"The best possible software for my lead gen business - its a powerful way to scale, plus it saves me tons of work."

Mike Klostermann

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A sneak peak of how the software looks like in action.

Generate Leads

Win companies that are looking for more business and generate leads as you used to or with our high performing funnel software - that's all you got to do.

Automated Matching

For fast connection between client and company all incoming leads will be automatically matched by the preset algorithm with the partner companies.

Automated Mailing

Matched leads will be automatically send via email to multiple fitting companies - in the first step fully anonymized but with all relevant information to make a purchase decision.

Automated Purchasing

Up to three companies get the chance to purchase the lead for a set price. Prices per lead differ by the industry and the size of the possible contract.

Earn a Fortune

With an average workload of 20-30 hours per week our clients make up to 50.000 € per month. Sounds interesting? Start for free - now!

Scale Your Lead Gen Business Now

It's adaptable to 100+ industries and comes with a free coaching of our highly experienced team.




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