The SaaS Solution to Sell Your Leads on Autopilot

Boost your lead gen business by selling your generated leads to hundreds of companies instead of only a few - fully automated.

The Biggest Problem In Online Marketing For Companies Is Generating Leads.

Be part of the solution: Generate and sell leads automatically to hundreds of companies.

How To Scale With Lead Hero


Leave time for money behind and get paid for each generated lead - not by one customer, but hundreds.

The secret sauce of the world's biggest lead gen companies is their software to automate their processes including a selling engine. But it is not available to anyone to anyone outside that company, until now!

We are (most likely) the first company to offer this kind of lead selling software as a SaaS Solution to any online marketer in the world to scale up their business.

Get Paid ByYour Performance

Agency Work

Being hired as an agency to perform certain marketing activities in the name of the clients to generate leads.

Time for money
Low(er) income
Anoying clients

Pay per Lead

Generate leads on your own websites and sell them in an automated way to hundreds of companies.

Fair business modell
>$25k per month
Highly automated

Lead Generation On Steroids

How Lead Hero works

1. Generate More Leads

Create highly converting click funnels in no time and embed them on a landing page or website to win more leads. With our Lead Hero API you can also push leads from other lead sources into the Lead Hero software to start selling them on autopilot to your clients.

2. Stay Organized

In order to process a large number of leads, good organization is important. Therefore, Lead Hero offers both, a clear structure of your leads and a detailed view of each individual data-set. In this, lead data can be edited and enriched before selling them to clients.

3. Algorithm Based Matching

To successfully sell leads, it is important to match the leads to right fitting companies. To ensure this, Lead Hero supports you with an intelligent matching algorithm. This way leads are only offered and sold to companies that can solve the problem of the lead.

4. Automated Lead Selling

After the algorithm has assigned suitable companies for a lead, this lead can be offered to several companies for purchase - anonymously - by email, SMS and/or WhatsApp. The companies then have the opportunity to buy the contact details with just a few clicks in order to contact the lead and make this person a client. In this you can choose how many companies can purchase the lead after it's sold out.

5. Invoice Your Clients

At the end of each month (or at any time you want) Lead Hero creates and sends all invoices for the orders created up to that point by email. So you can sit back, relax and see how the money enterers your bank account.

What Our Users Say

Sebastian Weidner

Co-Founder, Rankingdocs GmbH

"The perfect way for us to bring our social recruiting game the next level!"

Santiago Sosa

CEO, All Digital Media

"The high level of automation gets us a tremendous boost to sell leads faster to a big amount of companies."

Markus Bosch

Founder, Digitale Ikonen

"500% ROAS per Lead - so yes, Lead Hero is a powerful SaaS solution to massively increase the profit of my lead generation activities."

Markus Humpert

CEO, X4B GmbH, part of NiedersachsenMetall

"Finally a software to generate and sell application-leads to the member companies of our association. It brings in a huge benefit for us and our partners are very happy!"

Case Studies: Scale Your Lead Gen Business

Success Story

Within months, the platform was able to establish itself in Germany and Austria as one of the leading providers for generating and selling leads in the field of renovation. The monthly turnover could be increased to up to $70,000 per month. In total it generated over $1.5 Million in revenue.

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Success Story is a lead selling platform in the field of social recruiting. The team generates and connects dental assistants (so called ZFAs) to dentists and dental clinics. Until this point the team generated over 2,000 applications and connected these to the 200 dentists they work with.

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Success Story is a Lead Hero platform, which generates and sells B2B leads (businesses), to coaches that fit their needs. Due to the high amount of coaches in the German market theses days, it is not easy to find good and perfectly fitting coaches for each problem. To solve this issue was launched.

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