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The SaaS Solution to create clickfunnels, organize your generated leads and sell them automated and AI-based to perfect fitting clients to increase your revenue!

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"The biggest problem of businesses in marketing worldwide is to generate leads!"

To solve this problem we created Lead Hero. A SaaS Solution to setup matching platforms with ease to generate leads and sell them to perfect fitting businesses one by one and almost fully automated. With this, hundreds of businesses worldwide and in any industry can be supplied with leads with only one nationwide marketing campaign.

Hubspot, State of Inbound 2018 Global Report: 59 - 66% of companies worldwide see generating traffic and leads as their number 1 challenge.

Our success stories


Within only a couple of months the platform established itself - with a monthly turnover of >50,000€ - as a leading platform in Germany for generating and selling leads in the field of construction.


The recruiting industry is dominated by some big players which offer a big amount of different jobs. The platform offers to connect businesses & applicants in only one specific industry to increase success rates.

Coaching services

The amount of coaches is growing massively. In order to support the lookout, the platform connects businesses with perfect fitting sales-coaches, that exactly match their requirements

Do what you do best - the Lead Hero software will do the rest!

With Lead Hero to the Next Level

Automatically win, qualify, edit, sell, invoice, analyze leads - and much more. Find out more in the following:

1. Generate more leads

Create high-converting clickfunnels in no time with the Lead Hero Software and integrate them on a new or existing website. With our API you can also transfer leads form external sources into the Lead Hero System to sell them automatically.

2. Stay organized

In order to process a large number of leads, good organization is extremely important. Therefore, Lead Hero offers both, a clear structure of your leads and the possibility to edit and add more information - e.g. in a qualification call - before offering them to businesses for sale.

3. Algorithm based lead matching

For your success it is important to create an optimal "fit" between leads and the companies to whom you offer the leads. To ensure this, Lead Hero supports you with an intelligent matching system. With this leads will only be sent to companies that can surely solve the problem.

4. Automated lead selling

After the algorithm has filtered the right company matches for a new lead, all important information are sent to these matching companies without any contact details via email and/or text message. The companies with free capacity for new business can purchase the contact details with just one click to automatically receive a second Email or text message - now including the contact details.

5. Fully automated billing

At the end of each month, an invoice with all lead orders is sent via email to each business - also fully automated. So you can lean back and watch how the payments get to your bank account.

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The Lead Hero community consists of all our online marketing partners and a large support network that supports all of our partners on the way to increase the success of their lead generation business!

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User Feedback

Sebastian Weidner

Co-Founder, Rankingdocs GmbH

„An ideal opportunity for our agency to build up another, very profitable pillar in the Led Gen area!“

Santiago Sosa

CEO, All Digital Media

„The high degree of automation enables enormous scaling in the area of ​​lead generation.“

Markus Bosch

Owner Digitale Ikonen

„Lead Hero is a strong SaaS solution to massively increase the profit of my lead generation campaigns.“

Mike Klostermann

CEO, Favineo GmbH

„Finally a lead generation software to keep up with the big lead gen companies in the world!“

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Lead Hero can be used worldwide for 100+ industries. If you have any questions, please contact us in advance using the contact form. To start a collaboration, register now for free. We are happy to support you with 1:1 coaching with our team of founders and experts.

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