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You know some marketing or lead gen professionals?  Let's see if it's a match.

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If you know someone that could be a match for Lead Hero, we would be happy to partner up with you. After your intro we will put in the work to make this person a successful Lead Hero user. As a thank you, you will participate with 10% of our monthly revenue - ongoing for 24 month.

Just send us a message or log in to your Lead Hero account and go to the "Affiliate" section. There you will find your personal affiliate link to send to your friends and/or business contacts.

Why you should go for Lead Hero

All-In-One SaaS for lead selling

Everything you need in one place to generate and sell leads on autopilot.

10x your revenue

70% of our partners 10xed their turnover with Lead Hero - curious if that works for you too?

Easy to start

The setup is done in no time - connect your marketing channels, win clients & start selling.

Free clickfunnel builder

Lead Hero comes with a free clickfunnel builder to increase you lead conversion rate.

Get paid for your performance

This high revenue is possible, because you'll get paid per lead you'll generate and not your time.

Get support

You are having trouble at some point - whatever it is, we are here to help.

Works worldwide

Lead Hero is made to be used worldwide - in every language, time zone and industry.

Save time

Earn more money, but also work less. That is our motivation to automate as much as we can.

Be part of the movement

Our vision is to be the worlds biggest lead generation network - be part of it from the start.

Partner Up With Us In 3 Easy Steps

Log in to Lead Hero and
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Send out your personalized
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