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The majority of performance marketing agencies that generate leads for clients, work in a similar way. They create marketing campaigns in order to drive traffic to the customers landing page and/or generate leads directly on facebook etc. A great kind of business, but in many cases limited to the amount of clients you can take in. So basically it's time for money, which most entrepreneurs hate...

Six years ago we had an idea to solve this problem. We asked ourselves: Wouldn't it be more effective and time efficient to generate leads on our own websites, with our own marketing channels in order to sell our generated leads individually to a basically unlimited amount of clients?

In order to prove our hypothesis, we started our first platform called Mauertrocknung.de to generate and sell leads to companies in the field of waterproofing within Germany. The results were astonishing. We generated double the amount of leads for 30% of the costs and started selling them  to right fitting businesses. To get clients, we called some companies, agreed on a price and started sending out the leads. But problems started coming up fast and the list of excuses why they can not pay for the leads were long. "This lead is too far away." "We have no capacities right now." "This lead is not exactly fitting my business." etc. etc.

Then we thought: Maybe it is a good idea to offer each lead in a first step without a name or contact details, but with all important information, which are needed in order to make a decision if the lead is the right fit for a company. At first we did this manually with excel lists - but within days we realized that this is not even slightly possible. To solve the problem, we built a small software with two entry fields - one for the name and the contact details, and one for all informations regarding the clients problem, which needs to be solved. In this way all generated leads could be anonymously offered to the companies. In this way the companies could pick which leads they want, then confirm the purchase and automatically receive the name and the contact details.

With this core feature we were finally able to scale the business - and so we did. Within months we grew from 0 to $20,000, $30,000 and then eventually after some time to over $70,000€ monthly recurring revenue. In total only this platform generated over $1,5 Million in sales. After the growth slowed down due the fact that the majority of waterproofing companies within Germany were our clients, we internationalized the platform to Austria and started three other platforms in different verticals.

In this time, some of our marketing friends recognized what we were doing and reached out asking if they can also use the software. This was a big decision to us. We could either keep growing by ourselves with different lead selling platforms and eventually work in the direction of multi-million dollar businesses like HomeAdvisor.com or AroundHome.de. Or we could build a SaaS Solution to give this exact opportunity to our friends and with that basically to every online marketer in the world to grow their own high performance, lead selling business.

As you can see, we chose the second path - and with this decision Lead Hero was born. After 12 months of coding and completely re-writing the whole code base, the beta version was ready. It was a fairly long time for a launch, because this time the software had to work for every kind of industry. But also it had to work in different time zones, tax rates and currencies, with the possibility to work in teams, be GDPR compliant and much much more. Why all these features? As we said, our goal is to make Lead Hero available to EVERY online marketer in the world.

Since the beta launch, we started collaborating with several clients in different countries. Single entrepreneurs, small agencies but also bigger companies and lead gen focused businesses. Our clients these days can be found around the world - from Europe to the United States and South America. This is also why Lead Hero comes in 3 languages: German, English and Spanish. Our vision is to become a strong global network of partners that support each other to grow together instead of working against each other. As the Hubspot, State of Inbound Global Report states: Over 60% of all companies worldwide see the generation of traffic and leads as their number 1 challenge. So basically the potential in the field of lead generating is limitless.

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